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This page is dedicated to what's next. The projects below are in the BaumBuilds pipeline.

The Wasp

The Wasp

Coming out of hibernation in the spring of 2021, it's The WASP. Fresh from the hive, it's the latest tracked vehicle from! The WASP features a trunnion pivot track beam in combination with adjustable torsion bar suspension to ensure a smooth flight over rough terrain with 10 inches of ground clearance. With a powerful gas engine, CVT transmission, and 2 speed gearbox, the WASP takes flight with a targeted 30 MPH top speed. Switch over to the low range creeper gear to tackle steep hills, then back to high range for trail riding. The WASP also features a reverse gear to get you out of tight spots in the woods and help back you out of your garage. Navigate with the novel steering mechanism using twin hydraulic discs for brake steering and effective straight up stopping. The electric start engine powers bright LED lighting for night riding.

Soon you can build your very own WASP using our exclusive build plans. Expert level builders only!

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The Ox

Coming soon, you can build your very own Ox. Right now the prototype is being built, and this beast will soon be ready to ride. The Ox features a hydraulic drive system powered by a 6.5 hp engine. Two powerful hydraulic motors will independently drive both sides of the vehicle giving you true zero-radius pivot turning and 4 wheel drive. The Ox is ready to work around your farm with a cargo rack, trailer hitch, and plenty of power. Not all work and no play, take it on the trails or a cruise through the woods. With over 7 inches of ground clearance and an adjustable air suspension seat, you’ll be sure to move right along with your ATV riding friends.

Although not ADA approved, The Ox features a pivoting footrest to assists riders with limited mobility with getting in the vehicle. The latch located under the seat is used to lower the footrest to the ground, allowing the rider to directly access the seat from ground level without first having to step up onto the footrest. The optional seat raising feature allows the rider to gently ease back into the seat with the assistance of the optional grab handles for stability. Those with limited mobility can still get around on their farm and ranch, while the cargo rack and trailer hitch allow you to take along the tools needed to go out and fix that fence. Perhaps the best feature of all is the Ox is a 100% bolt-together design and you can build it yourself using build plans.

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The Voltraxx

Still in development, The Voltraxx is the world’s first production quality, serious hybrid-electric personal tracked vehicle. It features a high capacity 48 volt DC electric system which can operate silently in stealth mode, or is supplemented on demand in charge mode utilizing a small, on-board autostart gasoline engine equipped with dual alternators. The drive system features two huge electric motors which will allow the Voltraxx to drive forward, reverse, and conduct a true zero-radius pivot turn. The track running gear design features eight independently-suspended road wheels and a polymer spring active track tensioning system. The suspension system is a unique offset-anchored high-strength torsion bar system featured on each road arm. The vehicle features two eight-inch-wide rubber band tracks. The unique steering system utilizes mechanical controls to move potentiometers for motor controller input. This design allows steering in three different ways: thumb throttle, wrist throttle, and one-handed operation. The innovative patent-pending one-handed operation, known as the Free Hand Control System, allows one hand to be free to conduct other tasks while driving (e.g. spraying pesticide along a fence line, shooting a weapon, assisting in a rescue).

The mobility and towing capacity of the Voltraxx will far surpass any ATV, UTV, or Side-by-Side. About 80% completed, the Voltraxx will have profound recreational, industrial, commercial, farming, fire & rescue, and military applications. The Voltraxx rubber track system is currently under major redesign.

Check out the Extras section of the site for a slide show featuring some of the Voltraxx prototype construction, and a video of the exclusive Free Hand Control System.

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